5 Things Camp Lejeune Victims Need to Know About Lawsuits & VA Benefits

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U.S. Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune’s water contamination affected countless service members, their families, and civilians.

Those living and working on the base from August 1953 through December 1987 have developed many health issues, including various forms of cancer and birth defects.

Fortunately, there are legal options available for Camp Lejeune victims who were harmed after spending at least 30 days on the base while the water was contaminated.

If you are seeking Camp Lejeune compensation and support, the options can feel overwhelming, but you are not alone. The Camp Lejeune Claims Center has compiled 5 things victims should know about how to access the compensation they deserve.

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1. Lawsuits Can Provide Additional Compensation for Camp Lejeune Victims

In addition to benefits from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Camp Lejeune lawsuits provide a crucial avenue for victims to recover damages for pain and suffering, lost income, and the soaring costs of medical treatment.

In fact, the U.S. government has set aside an estimated $21 billion for Camp Lejeune victims’ compensation over the next several years.

Camp Lejeune settlements may vary based on individual circumstances, but this additional financial support can be a lifeline for those impacted. It can make a difference in accessing life-extending medical care and improving overall quality of life.

2. Filing a Camp Lejeune Lawsuit Won’t Affect VA Benefits

The Camp Lejeune Justice Act of 2022 (part of the PACT Act) created a new pathway for veterans to file for compensation from VA benefits and lawsuits.

Camp Lejeune veterans may be eligible for the following VA benefits:

  • Disability compensation
  • Health care
  • Survivor benefits

A common concern among victims is whether pursuing a Camp Lejeune lawsuit could impact their VA benefits. The good news is that filing a lawsuit will not affect your VA benefits, allowing veterans to increase the amount of compensation they receive.

3. Surviving Family Members Can File a Camp Lejeune Lawsuit

If a loved one lived or worked at Camp Lejeune when the water was contaminated and later passed away, surviving family members may be eligible to file a lawsuit on their behalf.

This provides a way for families to secure justice and financial support years or decades after their loss, even if they may not be eligible for VA benefits.

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4. Camp Lejeune Victims’ Compensation Could Be $550,000 or More

In September 2023, the U.S. Department of Justice announced an “Elective Option” for Camp Lejeune claims. This is a voluntary option that aims to streamline the settlement timeline, allowing victims to receive compensation faster.

The elective option divides Camp Lejeune health issues into two tiers, depending on severity. Those who developed various cancers, such as kidney cancer and liver cancer, would receive the highest compensation amount, up to $550,000.

While this may be a good option for some, many Camp Lejeune victims could receive even more from filing lawsuits.

5. The Deadline to File Camp Lejeune Claims Is August 2024

Camp Lejeune victims only have until August 10, 2024, to file their claims. Missing this deadline could result in being unable to access the compensation needed for serious health issues.

If you or a loved one have been affected by the Camp Lejeune water contamination, seeking legal advice and taking action sooner rather than later can make a significant difference in securing the compensation and support you deserve.

The Camp Lejeune Claims Center can connect you with trusted Camp Lejeune lawyers who can help file your claim if you are eligible. The lawyers we partner with are dedicated to making the legal process as stress-free as possible.

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